Financial & Insurance Services

Netlink has a very strong foundation in the Financial Services sector, with clients such as Mellon Bank and Lenderlive Mortgage Services.

The financial services industry is constantly changing. The industry has seen an increasing number of mergers and acquisitions. As for the insurance industry, it is highly fragmented with a very few large players and many smaller players. These factors are increasing the need for these organizations to remain competitive. The Financial Services and Insurance industries are now focused on gaining access to data of certified quality and accuracy. These industries are using data and analytics to reduce the uncertainty in business. These industries are realizing that in order to remain competitive and compliant, they need access to and analysis of data.

At Netlink we can help you stay competitive in the marketplace through our information technology and business process solutions. By partnering with us, you are guaranteed immediate strong business results.

Our Experience

Netlink has extensive experience and a team of subject matter experts in the financial services industry. Some areas that we have provided outstanding solutions for include:

  • Improved Customer interaction through channel integration and world class portals
  • Streamlined operations through stronger workflow management and business intelligence.
  • Modernized legacy application to support real-time, flexible business processes.
  • Customer care and back-office processing for retail banking, credit cards, brokerage and insurance.

Service Offerings

  • Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Intelligence
  • Document Management Solutions
  • Financial Institution ITO
  • Research and Development
  • Application Development
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Loan Processing Outsourcing
  • Mortgage Processing Outsourcing