The Health care industry is seeing many new changes in the past few years, such as consolidation, new technologies, increased competition and rising medical costs. There is an increased pressure to grow revenue and margins. Healthcare spending continues to grow and costs are exceeding the rates of inflation. Managed care providers and payers are struggling to contain costs and employers are hit hard with the increase in covering their employees and families. Physicians are faced with the cost vs. care dilemma: whether to improve the quality of care or cost. Pharmaceutical companies are faced with challenges with costs increases, lawsuit increases and expiration of patents on blockbuster drugs. Consumers are also changing the healthcare landscape. Baby boomers are living longer and will require more care. Consumers are expecting to interact with Healthcare the same way they interact with other industries; (24/7; real time; accurate; high quality).

Netlink has a very strong foundation in the Healthcare sector with clients such as Trinity Healthcare, St. Joseph Mercy, PPOM, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Asset Health.

At Netlink we can help you reduce costs and increase efficiencies to stay competitive in the marketplace through our information technology and business process solutions. We will help you link your business strategy with IT strategy to gain strong business results. By partnering with Netlink, you are guaranteed immediate strong business results.

Netlink services include

  • Replace: Represents applications that do not meet the current business needs and are architected poorly relative to other applications. Significant changes are likely required to enable future state capabilities
  • Rehab: Represents applications that do not meet the current business needs however the architecture is sound and likely will be technically aligned with the future state architecture
  • Rearchitect: Represents applications that meet the current business needs and will likely meet future needs however they require architecture change to achieve the objectives of the IT Strategy
  • Maintain: Represents applications that meet current business needs and the architecture is sound. These applications will likely meet future business capabilities while at the same time align with the future architecture

Summary of Netlink’s IT Vision for Healthcare clients

  • Improve competitive position
  • Enhance product delivery, flexibility, and integration
  • Improve information management
  • Lower application delivery and infrastructure operations costs
  • Enhance system flexibility and scalability

Our Experience

  • Billing
  • Claims
  • Medical Management
  • Information Management
  • Reimbursement
  • Self Service
  • Member Inquiry
  • Underwriting
  • Enrollment/Fulfillment

Service Offerings

  • Document Management Solutions
  • Healthcare Lifecycle Data Management Solutions
  • Care Management System Services
  • Hospital Network ITO
  • Healthcare Payer ITO
  • Research and Development
  • Application Development
  • Infrastructure Services