Applica​tion Services

Today the organizations constantly require more flexible software architecture to meet the business requirements and overcome cost constraints. This can be achieved through better utilization of existing resources by considering modernization and transformation of existing applications.

Netlink’s Application Development, Modernization and Transformation capabilities allow for major enhancement of existing applications. This enhancement can be achieved by adapting applications through

  • Re-hosting of applications
  • Consolidating data centres,
  • Consolidating applications into better servers
  • Going for integration of these applications to improve efficiencies

Development of new applications is also an alternative where customers can deploy innovative and cost effective solutions.

Netlink’s Application Development, Modernization and Transformation Service provides a collaborative approach that focuses on identifying scope for changes within the businesses of the customers, the business application capabilities required to deliver value for the organization and the services required to deliver this value.

Netlink explores focused opportunities for service provisioning, quantifying the cost of delivering certain targeted business capabilities and identifying the expected benefits of moving to a service based capability.

Besides application modernization and transformation, Netlink specializes in application value retention and maximization. Under our application value management solution, we provide the best possible solution to our customers by analyzing support cost to value generated vis-à-vis modernization costs and ROI w.r.t. of critical organizational success factors.

Netlink uses an agile and incremental approach to understanding and adapting business processes to address business needs with effectively aligned IT solutions.

Netlink’s offering is proven to manage and govern application development, modernization & transformation projects and has been used in many large, successful customer projects.

Netlink’s offering ensures minimum disruption of running business during the change process and is committed to immediate business results.