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BRAINs - Next Generation Analytical Solution (Delivered as SaaS and BPaaS)
BRAINS is an agile leading edge, advanced analytics solution that enables identification, definition and measurement of key performance indicators for businesses to achieve speedy results by providing insight to drive actions.
We are delivering actionable business results in the age where industries are still struggling to realize basic data visualization. Our solution leverages our proprietary platform to unlock the potential of internal external data on known unknown factors to deliver quick ROI and competitive advantage to customers. Our solution provides customers the flexibility they look to experiment and work with scenarios before making any big commitments on infrastructure, resources and plans.
Customer inputs in the form of basic business questions and issues are transformed into simple views with ability to intuitively deep dive and drive meaningful actions. Our insights quickly spotlight the tradeoffs that are required to be made to optimally respond to current changing business conditions.
Netlink's Advanced Analytics Solution, created through a convergence of PhD talent in statistics, mathematics and relevant domains, complements our cloud based software and is able to work with imperfect data and complex entangled business situations.
Our Advanced Analytics solutions include:
Advanced Analytics for Quality Assurance
Advanced Analytics for Customer Care
Advanced Analytics for Retailers
Advanced Analytics for Dealers
Advanced Analytics for Supply Chain
For business and customer care leaders, we deliver immediate business results like:
True Modeling of internal and external variables to create an impact by producing actionable insights at various levels:
  Business outcomes: Customer care cost per sub, Churn, etc
  Process outcomes: Sales, Cross Sell/Up Sell, C-Sat, AHT, FCR, Compliance disclosure
  Operational outcomes: CSAT, AHT, Customer Experience, etc.
Better use of QA Dollars (in the customer care environment) with an emphasis on driving business outcomes. Some examples include:
  41% Reduction in Rework/Modification
  22% Compliance improvement
    …and much more
For retail customers, our immediate business results include:
At a strategic level
  Order of magnitude improvements in margins, customer satisfaction, market share, and comparable store sales.
At a tactical level
  Improvements in forecasting and planning accuracy , retention of loyal customers , and conversions for ad/promotion spending
For Automotive dealers, our immediate business results created are:
Improvements in conversion and cross selling by 2-14%
40% improved data accuracy in extracted DMS/SMS
80%+ savings compared to traditional service based solutions
New data & integration with bi-directional capabilities (previously not possible)- to help develop new markets and strategies
For purchasing and Supply Chain professionals, our immediate business results created are:
15-20% savings on current spend
High impact category identification
Rogue spending identification
Spend consolidation, opportunity identification
For IT leaders, we have a true cloud based solution that is:
Fully compliant - Sarbanes Oxley, PCI and more
Integrated and Interfaces simplicity via cSaaS architecture
Regionally configurable workflows, regulations and more
"We achieved 38% hard dollar savings within 18 months of engagement with Netlink."
CFO, Tier 1 Automotive Supplier