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Your Supply Chain future depends on your organization's ability to have access to spend data, category information, market intelligence, Innovative savings solutions, and the ability to streamline supplier collaboration. But if you're still relying on yesterday's thinking on non-production supply chain you'll never meet the cost cuts, compliance, and efficiency demands of your organization.   More than $ 3 billion in annual spend
management, 200,000+ suppliers,
320,000 users and coverage in
46 countries and in 18 languages.

Finally, there's a better way. Netlink can demolish the "business as usual" paradigm by providing industry centric solutions and software that deliver immediate business results for you. Netlink's global Non-Prod managed services and supplier software platform allows you to Operate, Automate and Innovate your supply chain, immediately. Join the world's leading and most progressive companies in releasing value from your Indirect/Non-Prod supply chain by:
  Adding millions to your bottom line
  Transforming your indirect/non-prod supply chain
  Creating efficiencies and reducing complexity
  Delivering superbly improved compliance and financial controls
  Leveraging collaboration to turn suppliers and stakeholders into partners
  Typical savings are $ 21.6 million in the first year
Inspire employees, approvers, operations and functional managers, PnL leaders to connect, and inspire them to align and innovate their indirect supply chains.
Introducing Netlink's Supplier Software
Most companies today are frustrated with high cost, non-friendly, inflexible, and generic software solutions for supply chain that take longer to implement than their shelf life. Finally, there's a better way. Netlink's Supplier Software Platform is a functionality rich and industry centric supply chain solution that leverages a very unique architecture, cSaaS [configurable Software as a Service]. This solution captures the knowledge of industry experts in supply chain via embedded processes, business rules and pre-built and self-learning algorithms.
For Procurement and Business Leaders, Netlink's Supplier Software is a super user friendly system that
allows you to do
  Budget Controls
  Contracts Management
  Financial management
  Supplier Management
  Supplier Collaboration
  Operations Management
Netlink's Supplier Software also offers specialized solutions that are non-existent in the domain today, allowing your organization to leap far ahead of your competition.
For IT Leaders, Netlink's Supplier Software is a proven true cloud based solution that is
  Fully complaint - Sarbanes Oxley, PCI and more
  Integrated and Interface simplicity via cSaaS architecture
  Ability to work with imperfect data
  Regionally configurable workflows, regulations and more
  Global /Internationalized/ multi-lingual [18 languages]
  Ability to work with Imperfect data
  Industry leading Advanced Analytics
  ...and so much more
"We achieved 38% hard dollar savings within 18 months of engagement with Netlink."
CFO, Tier 1 Automotive Supplier