Content Management Platform

Netlink Enterprise Content Management (ECM) comprises Cloud-based platform and allied services for managing broad variety of enterprise contents throughout their respective lifecycles along with the associated business transactions efficiently and cost-effectively. The solution delivers consistent operational efficiency improvement for enterprise clients, long-term cost optimization and high-end customers’ service request fulfillment performance. The content types covered by the Netlink ECM solution are: paper documents, electronic documents, Faxes, and e-mails.

Netlink ECM solution is based on the following capabilities:

  • Extensive experience in managing enterprise contents, databases and workflows
  • Application development and infrastructure / data center expertise leveraged for workflow automation and Cloud-based platform
  • SSAE 16 compliance for assured security and confidentiality of contents/data
  • Seamless integration with existing CRM / ERP systems.

Key Features

  • Content Capture – OCR/ searchable PDFs
  • Workflow Management – Search/ retrieve and version control
  • Business Analytics – World-class dashboards and reports
  • Disaster Management – Backup and recovery, versioning and audit logs
  • Highest Security – Access control and/ or digital signatures
  • Auto Image Enhancement – GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) features

Value Proposition

  • 40% savings in enterprise content management expenditure within first 3 months expected
  • 90% reduction in document storage space and retrieval time
  • 20% enterprise content management and document processing time reduction
  • 60% SLA improvement resulting in improved customer satisfaction & retention
  • 99% data accuracy levels and 100% adherence to meeting document processing deadlines
  • 50%+ lower customer service time leading to higher operational efficiencies
  • 40% higher customer satisfaction resulting in increase in customer retention and revenue

Key Differentiators

  • Sustained Business Results: YoY efficiency gains with cost savings + leveraged technology at zero cost
  • All-in-one BPO offerings with domain expertise, industry experience, Cloud-based BI & Analytics platform, SSAE16-compliant data center, Delta Platform-based workflow automation and cost-conscious efficiency improvements
  • Robust process quality framework, proven track record in workflow automation and advisory board with industry experts
  • Smooth transition, continuous improvements and strategic alignment with Client’s business objectives