Delta Platform

Netlink’s Delta Platform is a combination of proprietary algorithms & frameworks, pre-built business and technology enablers that are enabled using cloud services components like PaaS, IaaS, BPaaS and SaaS.

Delta platform makes teams and technology delivery multiple times more effective and efficient than traditional services and managed services models. The cloud enabled platform typically leads to immediate business results like 71% faster speed to results, 99% transparency improvement, 68% lower costs, 90% better control and so much more for the customers of IT Outsourcing Solutions. Origins of this platform are in doctoral level research work in Human Computer Interface at Clemson University and Virtual Teams at The University of Michigan by the founders.

  • Netlink’s Delta Platform has the 20-20 advantage, promises 20% Savings and 20% Service Level improvement in the initial year
  • No upfront investments
  • Gain competitive advantage