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At Netlink, our vision is to provide proactive and timely technology solutions that enable accelerated business performance. The CareCloud, our integrated technology solutions platform was born from this idea. This flagship Business Intelligence product was built to leverage AI, BI, and RPA to transform customer interactions and help enterprises cope with the dynamics of their business environment.

Today, changing customer needs and the evolving business landscape demands that businesses adopt innovative technology to offer actionable insights. That’s what distinguishes industry leaders and gives them the first mover advantage over competition. The power of forming something new and the ability to anticipate problems needs to come from intelligence delivered at the speed of light. To give you the edge, Netlink brings you Lumenore (formerly The CareCloud) – a one-of-a-kind integrated technology solution that will enlighten and power your enterprise’s future. It goes beyond the conventional, and has only gotten better. Our solution has evolved to offer you next-gen business intelligence features.

Stay ahead with Lumenore

We have always innovated and transformed ourselves to offer powerful products and services for businesses. We understand your evolving needs and rolled out this solution that delivers outcomes based on real-time insights.

Lumenore adds more power to the way you produce and consume analytics. It also brings you self-service capabilities that enable you to work across applications and departments. It will be your assistant so that you enjoy to take wiser decisions and accelerate your business performance. With this next-gen product, we bring you the promise of transforming your business keeping customer-centricity in mind. So, we welcome you to come on board and talk to the Lumenore experts to enlighten your business.