Innovative Solutions for
Enterprise wide Digital Transformation

We provide technology solutions to drive business success and scalable platforms that can be deployed in a single department or across your
entire enterprise at a global level. These turnkey solutions can be deployed quickly or customized to your business needs and requirements.

Low-Code Platforms


We drive digital transformation using low-code platforms across industries and geographies. With exceptional intrinsic capabilities, we help organizations tackle business challenges head on with innovative digital transformation solutions. Our team of experts guarantees you speed, agility, and effortless adoption.

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Enterprise Mobility


We provide expertise to modernize and allow businesses to enhance organizational processes. Our mobility solutions offer ease of use in a fast-paced world. As a result, enterprises improve the reach to their customers and productivity of their people.

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Software Factory as a Service

Our unique and high-value IT engagement model delivers IT services with variable roles/skills with no unexpected extra costs. Netlink’s SFaaS removes second guessing from IT projects, using a flexible allocation of skilled resources to meet your specific requirements. Organizations can ensure seamless and continuous project delivery with no surprises.

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IoT and RPA technologies built to help automate manual processes across any enterprise. Monitoring, collecting, and exchanging data provides insights to enhance the work of your employees. Interaction with websites, desktop applications, databases, and people executes the repetitive and mundane data collection work while lowering operational costs.

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AI for Business Analytics


Use the Lumenore Data Discovery platform to help find the hidden patterns within data and generate insights in natural language based on user preferences. Enable better decision making, and empower businesses to identify and capture completely new opportunities.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions

We provide enterprise-grade AI and Machine Learning Solutions to help organizations to generate insights and to make the best use of massive and fast-moving data.
We build and deploying scalable solutions combined with superior research
work, use case-specific, and industry domain expertise.

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