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Netlink's document imaging services can help simplify the ability to search, retrieve, process, and archive documents from anywhere in the enterprise. Improve your employees' productivity and your company's profitability.
Our capabilities include handling the full process right from picking up physical ocuments from different locations or PO Box to sorting, imaging, indexing, storage, on-demand retrieval and destruction, and making the images available on the portal that can be searched and added to the workflow.

What more?

Our document imaging services include in-depth analytics and a dashboard on the indexed data. Our team handles millions of documents every month, ranging from contracts to transactions, mortgage documents to insurance claims, invoices, payments, and customer correspondences.
We can also process new or old stored documents – driving strong ROI for businesses by reducing physical document retrieval, avoiding expensive storage costs, and improving overall business operations compliance, speed, and quality.
Our Services


Document pick and drop



Physical document storage



Physical document destruction



Document Imaging



Image search and retrieval portal



Reports and dashboards

Key Differentiators

Price per document / box:  Offering the best value across industry

No additional cost for secured user access to images, workflow applications and analytics

Leverage Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence to fast track the business results

Certified Minority Company

Michigan based operations with the necessary compliance and certifications

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