Enhance Business Value through Organizational Intelligence

Organizational Intelligence helps teams across the business access and leverage insights tailored to their use case while maintaining quality and traceability.

How it works

Builds a Data Universe

Make better use of organizational data with a single source of truth - Data Universe that streamlines the experience across the data cycle.

Helps you Communicate with Data

NLQ-based ‘Ask Me’ module, ask queries in plain English through text or a voice-activated device like Alexa, and receive answers immediately.

Makes you future-ready

Predict market trends and evaluate business risks with AI-driven ‘Do You Know’ module. Explore trends, spot outliers, and identify correlations that impact business growth and performance.
Why Lumenore?


Self-Service with No-Coding

No dependency on data professionals to access insights.


Automated Insights

Advanced tools that derive decision-driving intelligence from data.



Modern technology stack that reduces time-to-insight while maintaining accuracy.


Embedded Analytics

Allows users to add the power of interactive visualization to external applications.

What Experts are Saying

One Platform to Build Intelligence for All

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