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Debt Management for Financial Wellness Company

Get a sneak peek on what Netlink did to transform our customer’s business to effectively manage the financial journey of their end-users.


Business Need

GreenPath was looking for an application, which could act as a one-stop place for their customers to get information about their Debt Management Plan (DMP). The application should be able to manage the entire progress, debt payment history and future payment plans of the customer. It should also allow the user to view account balances and the payment processes. They wanted the user to have the ability to view the entire success team working on his plan and facility to interact with them as and when needed.

Apart from this, GreenPath was willing to have an application-specific for the Admin members through which they can add and configure tenants for the client portal.


Netlink came up with well-designed web and native mobile application which can suffice all the needs of GreenPath. The applications has all the feature to ease usability by providing interactive user interface. The dashboard is an intuitive page giving maximum information on the screen. The user can view or navigate information such as account details, program summary, payments & deposits, communications and documents provided. The user can also access videos added by the success team and chat with them whenever required.

For admin user, Netlink tech team developed an application with multilingual features where admin can add, modify or delete profile related to new tenants. The list of tenants are displayed with their basic information and status which can be further added or changed. Admin can also set theme for tenants for a better view.

Key Features

  • Profile Add and View

  • Multi-Lingual Support

  • Analytical Dashboards

  • Plan and Performance tracker

  • Admin Control features

  • Secure and Biometric login feature

  • Document Upload/Download facility

  • Interactive UI/UX

  • Deposit schedule view

  • Creditors view and payment history

  • Interaction via email and chats

  • Push notifications

  • Task view and responses

  • Theme add/remove option

  • Interaction via email and chats


  •   Lower maintenance and operations cost

  •   Ability to use Artificial Intelligence

  •   Real time integrity and validation

  •   Easily accessible for greater collaboration

  •   English and Arabic language support

  •   Improved the overall communication network

  •   Increased productivity

  •   24/7 easy access





growth in consumer base

reduction in maintenance and operations cost

increase in productivity and customer service

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