Overcoming Bottlenecks in a Small Dev Team –
How Lendr developed 5 apps under 12 months

In this virtual event:

Join us for an interactive discussion with Nick Mates, Tech Lead at Lendr, and Craig St. Jean, Director of OutSystems Center of Excellence
at Netlink.

Nick will share with us how Lendr delivered 5 apps under 12 months with 2 developers, and how using the OutSystems platform has impacted the digital experiences they provide to customers and employees.

Key takeaways:

  • How the OutSystems platform revolutionized the way technology is developed at Lendr
  • How rapid, cost-effective development paid off during the COVID crisis
  • Results! This impact on business, internally and externally

Participants are encouraged to participate and ask questions during the event too.

About our guest speaker at the event – Hear from Lendr Project Coordinator and Tech Lead, Nick Mates! Nick brings a wealth of experience
in technology strategy, customer experience, and modern business environment, which he shares with us during his discussion with Craig.

Nick Mates  
Project Coordinator &
Tech Lead at Lend

Craig St. Jean  
Director of OutSystems CoE
at Netlink, OutSystems MVP

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